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With so much to do on campus and the vibrant buzz of university life all around you, it can be easy to get trapped in a bubble. You could be really missing out!

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Travel just a little further afield, and you might discover something really special — like the beautiful Alnwick Castle and Gardens, which are only an hour away from Newcastle University. Well, maybe….

All of this will look great on your CV! Constant notifications from countless apps are distracting at the least — and damaging to our mental health at the worst! Try cutting down on your social media use by switching off your phone when you study, read, hang out with friends or relax at home. You just need to find a balance.


Make it your goal to get a certain amount of sleep each night, and combine studying and socialising by organising group sessions with your friends. There are so many social events and activities to get involved in intoexeter. Try a new sport, join a society, make a new friend, discover a talent. University is the perfect place to experiment, with access to so many clubs and societies via the Student Union.

It might seem like a lot to fit in workouts around your studies, but exercise is proven to stimulate the brain, improve mental health and even make you happier!

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Time to listen to great advice from other busy writers — like writing tips from Jennifer Coffeen and the TimePie from Jill Pollack. Like a lot of writers, I find submitting my work to literary magazines and journals to be really tough: knowing when your piece is ready, finding places to send to, waiting, waiting, more waiting, and of course, rejection. So, my resolution this year is to submit more essays and stories to literary magazines. After all, no one ever got published by never sending out any work.

In addition to submitting more, I also want to read more. Like all writers, I already read a lot, but I know I could be reading more. Want us to write one just for you? Culture bound syndromes Essay. Brave New World and 21st century Essay.

My New Year's Resolution 2015

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