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What paleoecology can teach us about fires in the Amazon Katharine Rooney 17 Oct More on the agenda. Explore context.

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Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis. According to Nagel , about sixty cities in China have badly been affected by smog and factory emissions p.

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Because of rising demand for use of coal and oil, China is certainly predicted to have a significant increase in emission of Carbon dioxide. Although china is one of the highly populated countries in the world with over 1.

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  • To support this growing population, China increased its industrial growth which translated to increased supply of food and other necessities within the country. According to Harris , issue of global warming in China has aroused due to the modernization of economy and diversification of energy to feed the growing modernization. In respect to this, China increased its energy use by percent between and , while coal rose by Eventually, China recorded approximately In s, China started facing acute shortage of energy due to its growing industries; other sources of energy that are economical and viable were needed urgently to boost the energy shortage.

    Therefore they resorted to oil which was easily available and required little amount of capital.

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    To be specific, china uses a lot of coal in their industrial sector as compared to other nations in the world where their alternative sources of energy such as electricity are being used. The outcome of all this overuse and misuse of energy was a serious environmental catastrophe. In addition, respiratory complications increased due to pollution of air caused by incomplete combustion of coal from industries. There was also destruction of crops, forest and fisheries accelerated by unprecedented levels of acid rain Harris, To start with, industrial expansion of China sparked high demand of fuel.

    Cultural Proximity and Cultural Distance As Japanese economy soared, its media products such as manga, TV shows, movies and music spread out across Asia.

    Especially, the young people in Asia began to embrace Japanese culture rather than the culture from the most dominant culture exporter- the United State, and this phenomenon was analyzed by Koichi Iwabuchi in his Feel Asian Modernities. His account of this intra-regionalization in Asia is cultural proximity that Japanese culture shares intimate.

    Firat A F, Globally dominant products from the West affect youth culture most, especially from America. Culture products are those more noticeable and ideological, such as pop music, television shows and popular movies superhero movie series for example. Globalization and information technology facilitate communication Globalization is not a simple academic concept, which contains the cultural implant and value expansion.

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    • The world has been impacted regularly in conflicts regarding the major political changes over the years we have seen a major growth in economies around world, countries like China and India have managed to rise up to compete with one major power the United States of America, the nature of this envelopment begins in how free trade and economic issues made politicians aware of creating a global system to achieve better economic.

      The Dominant strategy is humbly called to be magnetic hegemony, or think of it as the equilibrium strategy, which is the most often used strategy over the long sweep, especially with Chinese, but often more generally east Asian history.

      History of modernisation theory

      The strategy is a creation of international hierarchy through hegemony, which simply means predominant power. The Invention of Paper in China Introduction Have you ever thought what life would be like without paper? Have you ever considered how many uses there are for paper? What about who came up with the idea for paper and where paper came from? Paper is one of those objects that we just take for granted.

      Building dreams: How China visualize national rejuvenation