Preliminary outline for a research paper

The preliminary bibliography should have at least five secondary sources. Primary sources do not count towards the bibliography. Research Paper: Outline and Preliminary Bibliography.

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How to write a research Proposal ?

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Title: Find Rubric. You've already rated students with this rubric. Any major changes could affect their assessment results. The preliminary outline simply takes that one step farther. The purpose of the preliminary outline is organization. A good paper is focused and organized, and a preliminary outline will help any writer achieve that goal. The preliminary outline states topics that will support the thesis.

A preliminary outline will not be particularly detailed; it includes basic categories of information. In fact, think of the preliminary outline as a blueprint.

Research Paper Outline Examples

A blueprint is a general framework for the house; it does not include the wall colors or the furniture within each room. A preliminary outline is very similar.

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It has the basic framework for the paper without having the very specific details. Those details will be included later on. Kleppner and Cynthia Skelton, "figuring out how to support the thesis statement will help to identify a useful topic heading for the note cards, to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant material, and to know where to put the relevant material.

Every paper you write, and therefore every outline you create, will have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction will always be the very first paragraph, and the conclusion will always be the very last paragraph. The body , therefore, falls in the middle. The formatting for the body of a paper will not be the very same for every single paper that you write. A good organizational tip is to divide the body into three subtopics.

Preliminary Phase in Essay Writing

Though this may not be applicable to every paper, it will apply to many, and it's the organizational pattern that will be used for this research paper. So, your preliminary outline should have five categories or Roman numerals , and two of them have already been determined: the introduction and the conclusion.

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You are now left to determine the three subtopics that will be discussed in the body of your paper. Dallas Baptist University Writing Center provides a good basic explanation of the purpose of the preliminary outline: Outlining: Structuring a Paper. Read over this article and take note of any new information introduced.

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